Neutrals: the largest comfort zone

I’ve never been a big fan of fashion or weird combinations but I’ve always wanted to. In fashion is hard to stay in the spotlight because you have to be bold, a lot self esteem and up for crazy to happen. Instead of being the person you’d follow I tried to be as the person I follow when it comes to clothes. I gotta tell you, it is quite hard. This is why my outfits are always nice, would work on many girls and never pushed out of the limits. I always imagine myself in happy colors and crazy shapes but I always manage to get out of the house in the same neutral colors. I am not upset about it, I like having a comfort zone but sometimes I feel like I need to see what’s more out there.

Hey, you, fashionistas, where do you get your courage from?

Photographs The Outfit Hunt

Zara boots // HM dress // NA-KD Jacket // Giorgal Coat

denisasimam-nakd-grey-coat-3 denisasimam-nakd-grey-coat-black-heels-outfit densasimam-grey-coat-nakd-outfit

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  • Anca
    March 20, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    Ei bine,
    Vrem mai multe postari tip fashion! Arati super!!


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