Maybelline NY Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner

Maybelline NY Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner – this is what I wore on my lips last month. I have to tell you, I have received them all from Maybelline NY. Because of that I decided to do a full review on them, tell you pros and cons and my honest opinion. 
As a make-up artist, I always buy foundations, bronzer, blushes and so on. I am always paying attention to brands, formulas and, of course, prices. Yet, I almost never search for the perfect eye pencil or lip pencil. They are small products and I’ve always seen them as details. Well, the details have shown me the difference between a perfect red lip and a poor application. With nude colours you can afford a not so creamy product but dark shades are different. A nude lip contour doesn’t have to be perfect because you can’t see it. Well, with vibrant or dark colours we’re talking about something else. I find it hard to do a perfect lip, especially if my client is a bride and this is when I need a creamy pencil. It has to glide on smoothly, be vibrant from the first touch and long lasting. Oh yes, and affordable because I need many shades.
Back to Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner by Maybelline NY, I had this idea of making a match your eyes with your lips look. That is when I noticed how long lasting it was. I have worn it for more than 5 hours on both my eyes and lips (without any primer). I’d wear it again like that at any moment.
The colour was at its best from the first touch. I have to be honest with you, I had a duplicate of one of the nude shades. One of it was dry and gave me a hard time applying it. I hope you won’t have the bad luck and end up with an old or dry pencil because then you will be disappointed. Other than that, the pencil is mechanical so you don’t need a sharpener. If you ask me I’d say try it!
In Romania: here 38.99 lei
International: here $7.99


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