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BIG RED COAT & comfort zone

written by Denisa Sima M. February 1, 2018
red coat denisa sima

On the 2st day of February 2018 I’m taking a moment to look back at myself one year ago. I was moving into a different apartment and felt like my life has a new start. And now, while I am taking a look back, I realise that was not a fresh start, it was me seeing the unknown part of the life. The past year was the time of my life when I learned how scary but resourceful the unknown can be. This applies in school, in your love life, in your work life and in your own style.

The best way to beat the unknown is looking into it’s depth, if you ask me. And today I decided to do that in this dark red – deep blood coat. I placed myself out of my control zone with this outfit. After a day in the city I realised that comfort zone is whatever I decide to call comfort zone. Today, comfort zone was an all black layer, oversized red coat and a black bag with a yellow fake fur on it. Just get out of the house, if you’re confident, every place will be your comfort zone.

BIG RED COAT & comfort zone
BIG RED COAT & comfort zone


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