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They’re Real Double the lip by Benefit – new lip injection lipstick

written by Denisa Sima M. April 29, 2017
double the lip

Double the lip – Double the trouble.

Double the lip is the new extension for the They’re Real collection by Benefit. They also have some new eyeshadows that I can’t wait to tell you about but we’ll discuss that in a future article. Back to Double the lip, I am sure you have seen pictures all over the internet, especially on Instagram. The packaging is just so beautiful, simple and yet so impressive. If you’re following me for a while you know that I am a sucker for packaging. It’s simple: if I like it, I buy it. Soul wise, not money wise, haha!

The lipstick is slim, silver tube with a few colourful accents. I can’t lie, I would have loved it more if was a bit smaller so I can take it with me in my jacket’s pocket. On the other hand, I feel the tube is steady. If you drop it for sure the product will be ok.

Pigmentation is really good for all the 8 shades, nude and faded or bright and intense. It lasts a lot! When I did the swatches, the last one I took pictures of was Fuchsia Fever which is a beautiful, bright pink. Afterwards, it was time to eat and if I remember correctly the lipstick was still there when I wanted to do a retouch. It was not transferring on my hands and not moving anywhere else besides my lips. I was really surprised to see that because the lipstick is really creamy and so I was expecting it not to last that long.

The best is yet to come: the major thing with this lipstick is that it has 2 colours: a darker one and a brighter one. That way you can say it’s sort of a lip injection lipstick because you can make an ombré look with only one product. No lip pencil, nothing more! Just one lipstick. If you scroll down you will find a full set of swatches.

My favorite one are #criminally coral and #nude scandal. I am really curious about your favorites!

pozica incantata double-the-lip-benefit-denisasimam criminally-coral-benefit-doublethelip-denisasimam-copy-copy flame-game-benefit-doublethelip-denisasimam-copy-copy fuchsia-fever-benefit-doublethelip-denisasimam-copy-copy juicy-berry-benefit-doublethelip-denisasimam-copy-copy lusty-rose-benefit-doublethelip-denisasimam-copy-copy double the lip pink-thrills-benefit-doublethelip-denisasimam-copy-copy revved-up-red-benefit-doublethelip-denisasimam-copy-copy


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