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#GirlsOnTheRoad to Cluj

written by Denisa Sima M. December 3, 2016
In Romania, December 1st is the National Day. This year it was on a Thursday, so we got ourselves an extended weekend and decided to leave our small and cozy town for Cluj-Napoca also known as Cluj. We left Pucioasa at about 8:00 a.m. and 6 hours later we were seeking our hotel around the city.
Storytime: I (Denisa) was the one who booked the hotel. We had two options: Alexis Hotel and Onix Hotel. The prices were similar, Alexis was the closest to downtown and I thought it was a better option. AFTER I had paid for our room I got an email of welcome from Onix… aaand that’s when I panicked. I acknowledged the mistake to the girls, but instead of being mad, they were pretty amused by it. This is why it’s nice to travel the world with your besties: they will sleep on whatever thing you did wrong.
So, as I was saying, we arrived and made ourselves comfortable in the room. We were exhausted, but we wanted to both check out the surroundings and find a nice place to eat. And so we found by mistake this nice and sort of fancy place named Casa TIFF. They had the coolest menu we had ever seen: all the names were pop culture-inspired. The food was also good and the prices were affordable. We had a really good time there!
To make the evening even better, after we’d eaten, it started snowing. It was truly beautiful!

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The next day, December 1st, we woke up pretty late, we skipped the breakfast at the hotel and roamed the streets of Cluj. We got hungry pretty fast and stopped at the very first place we laid our eyes upon: La Piazzetta. With all the healthy eating I am trying to do these days I can only blame myself for eating so many calories on that trip, but what can one do? Food was that good, prices were also affordable, and we were more than pleased.
To shake off the extra food, we decided to continue our walk. The buildings and the colour palette of the city were really beautiful, but the only thing that bummed us out was the weather, especially the cold. Winter is always a nice time to check the Christmas Market or the decorations, but my God, the cold only made us wanna stay in and drink hot chocolate.
At about 7 p.m. we went to Joben Bistro for burgers and beer. I am pretty picky when it comes to burgers, as I believe it to be a dish you should only eat in America or at Hard Rock Caffe. This place had really tasty burgers and it looked nice and fancy while carrying a “laid back” kinda vibe. You have to check it out if you’re in Cluj to understand what I am trying to say.
Afterwards we went on a hill from where you could see the entire city. We enjoyed the city lights and all the fireworks they fired for The National Day. It was pretty crowded so we barely found a spot to enjoy the view, not to mention taking any good pictures. The rest of the night we spent playing cards and other sorts of games with some friends and we ended up going to sleep at about 6 a.m.



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By the time we woke up on December 2nd, there was snow all over the place. The three of us cuddled in our big bed and slept for a few of hours more, until our friends were up and ready to drive back home. We didn’t leave the city before trying out the crepes from this place called Funlicious. They were pretty tasty, yet we heard there is a better place in Cluj that makes better crepes, so we have to go back for them (and to hopefully see the city in the summer when it’s warmer).

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On this 3 days trip we walked so much, our feet got pretty tired and couldn’t wait for a good sleep in our own beds. We had a lot of fun, ate good food and throughly enjoyed the city. We believe this experience was a must and we’ll go back this summer for sure!
Tell us what your favourite thing about Cluj!


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